Who’s the ideal Motivated Mama?

This Mama isn’t afraid to invest time and money, and we don’t mean by indulging in the fleeting thrill of retail therapy. A designer bag is cute, but a Mama who DESIGNS her life is even better. This Mama knows she’s destined for far more than washing stinky soccer uniforms, checking ELA homework and bending to her boss’ impossible demands. She’s receptive to constructive feedback and isn’t afraid to give it too. She’s not willing to wait until next year or when her kids are older to improve her current situation. She believes she can—and so she does. All Motivated Mamas share the same belief: “I’m ready to make a life-changing shift—now.” If that sounds like you (and we hope it does!) we’d love for you to join us.

How many Mamas are in each mastermind?

Individualized attention is our sweet spot! That’s why we curate a small group of women (from 4 to 10) for each 12-week cycle. This is an intimate, personal development-focused experience where we support and encourage you to be your best self via a totally doable individualized action plan.

How much time do I need to set aside each week within the 90-day period?

I love the way you think! You’ll need two uninterrupted hours per week to attend the mastermind sessions via video conference, so schedule those babysitters now! You’ll also need to schedule enough time each week to meet the weekly goals you set in the meetings. How much time you schedule is up to you.

I was expecting a yearlong program. Why is each cycle ONLY 12 weeks?

Participation in the Mastermind is about tapping into your new superpower—laser focus. This group will help you set an intention, create a plan and achieve it. In 12 weeks, you’ll focus on one specific career goal and personal goal and the outcome. This is about rapid transformation, without the stress of being overwhelmed by a never-ending laundry list of tasks that’ll be impossible to accomplish in nine or 12 months. Our belief? We subscribe to Anthony Frasier’s school of thought that when you break your dream down into a manageable chunk of time, and hit the reset button every 90 days, you will be closer to where you want to be in a year.

When does enrollment for the next Mastermind start?

Join our mailing list to be notified about the next cycle and enrollment period. Once enrollment is open, Mamas can apply to join the group on a continuous basis.

What happens if I join the Mastermind but after a little while decide the group hasn't helped me meet my goals? Can I get a full refund?

We don’t want anyone to leave our supportive sisterhood BEFORE the magic happens. And it will happen when you do the work, work, work, work. We’re committed to making this a powerful experience, that’s why we developed a unique 5-step system. It ensures that you are ready to join the mastermind and learn from the diverse Mamas in your village.

It’s clear from the beginning that you’ll need to put in the work too, which is totally possible, with support from your coach and sista Mamas. That said, we do offer a conditional 30-day money back guarantee. Please read our full refund policy

I have too many bills, and honestly, I’m not sure I can afford to make this investment. Please explain how I can afford to join the mastermind?

As a single Mama myself, I totally get it. With additional mouths to feed I, too, are always evaluating how to maximize my resources. That said, you gotta spend money to make money or make your life work.  If we can justify bi-weekly trips to the nail salon or the beauty parlor, takeout dinners or drinks on the weekend with the girls, we can certainly adjust our budgets to reach the next rung of personal and professional success. Right? Think about it, what’s more important, gel manicures and Kung Pao Chicken on Thursday night or the chance to pay off your credit cards, save for a condo and negotiate co-parenting terms. The way I see it, you cannot afford not to make this investment.  

Are you a certified coach?

Yes, I am a graduate of The Coach Training Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is the one of the largest international coaching organizations in the world and is responsible for setting accredited coach training standards.

What happens after the 90 days are up?

Great question! You go on to become a member of our Motivated Mamas Alumni group! You didn’t think we were going to let all these super successful mamas just ride off into the sunset without us, didja? Alums will have access to an ever-expanding treasure chest of tools and resources as they continue on their paths to success, and even a starter kit on how to become a Motivated Mama coach themselves!


We offer a conditional 30-day refund policy. You may request a refund on the 30th day after the start of the Motivated Mamas Mastermind.

To be eligible for a full refund, you must submit your request to info@motivatedmamas.org.

Please note that all refunds are discretionary and you are eligible based on

  1. a written request for one
  2. proof that you have consistently worked at executing on your Agreement
  3. a track record of full participation in each weekly discussion and
  4. confirmation from your accountability partner on work performed each week.


If you show up consistently, complete the work and participate in all the discussions, and you STILL believe that we haven’t delivered on our promise to help you, I will issue you a full refund.

We hold ourselves, the service provided and our Mamas to a high standard and while we don’t want to see anyone leave our sista village, if you cannot commit to what’s required, we understand that this mastermind is not for you.